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Topscore Education provides a separate program once a week for 1.5 hours for students in years 5 and 6 looking to be selected for scholarships, such as SEAL school program. It also prepares them for selection from state selective schools and other independent school scholarships. The program usually lasts around 15 weeks.

Topscore Education works with students to boost their understanding and confidence when taking tests, and with extensive preparation for scholarships and selective entry examinations. We provide tuition that assists students in their capabilities to prepare and apply for scholarship and select entry tests.

Tutoring services for Scholarship programs

Praise From Happy Students

"It was great to select both Chemistry and English as as they ended up carrying a large part of my VCE result last year. Both Julie and Anthony were great tutors! Extremely helpful."
Isaru R. via NiceJob
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Scholarships & Select Entry Exam Preparation

Scholarship students learning with Topscore Education


Scholarships offer students and their families financial support for the costs of education in Victoria's most select and expensive schools. These range in offerings but are often around the 50% reduction. This is a very substantial saving. As such they are very sought after with thousands of children sitting scholarship exams every year. Only a small percentage of students who sit for scholarships are successful.

Scholarships can be offered for academic excellence, general excellence, music and others. With so few given, it makes sense to do some preparation as these exams follow a format that can be thoughts and strategies provided that will assist your child to maximise their chances of being successful.

Students learning with Topscore Education

Select Entry

Victoria’s state system schools include: the prestigious Melbourne High School for boys, MacRobertson Girls’ School for girls, Suzanne Corey High School for boys and girls, and Nossel High School for boys and girls. There are also other specialist High schools such as John Monash Science School and Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences. There are also many Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) schools around the state that offer programs for very able students. SEAL examinations are similar to scholarship tests.

Preparation for testing

Preparation for testing

Our courses provide children with vital information and practice at completing these types of tests. We provide timed tests similar to what they will experience. We provide feedback on performance so that children become accustomed to these types of tests and we link them to strategies for approaching this type of work. Scholarships and Entry tests are different from standard school work. The work that they are usually completing in the classroom will not prepare them for these tests. This is most evidenced in the format that the tests will be presented to them.

In our current climate with so much face-to-face time lost in 2020, even the Victorian Government has recognised that more support than normal is required. In 2021 the government will fund tutors in all Victorian Schools as part of a 3 Billion dollar extra investment

Topscore Education has a rich history of working with schools and families providing support for learners in this area as well as general tutoring. We work with students from many of the highest achieving schools in the state. We can assist your child to achieve at their potential.

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